Friday, June 22, 2007

Jumping In and Getting Wet!

I've been reading many blogs for the last several years about education, teaching, music and technology. I've become very fascinated with the possibilities of the Web 2.0 and its uses in my classes with my students and found this link:

School Library Learning 2.0

which is web based training on Web 2.0 skills from the California Library Association. (Thanks goes to Wesley Fryer at Moving at the Speed of Creativity
. Always a fascinating read)

You don't have to be a librarian or join the association to follow along and complete the activities.

It is set up to do one activity per week (one of which is setting up and posting to your own blog) but you can work at your own speed.

So-o-o, here I am joining the blogosphere. I hope to post reflections on my journey of learning here as I work to combine my love of music, teaching, and technology.

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  1. Welcome to School Library Learning 2.0 - so glad you are enjoying the 2.0 journey.

    Good to hear you like Wesley Fryer's site. Among other things, Wesley is an AT&T Education Advocate for Oklahoma. AT&T California's Library Advocate is project manager for this course. Love those advocates! See our "2.0 Partners" page.

    Thanks for alerting us to the avatar link change -- we spoke to their graphic artist a month or so ago and are excited about getting the newest avatar "cause" t-shirt: a "READ" t-shirt due out this week. How cool is that?

    Best wishes.